Jane crawled out of the basement, tears flowed from her eyes.

Jane crawled out of the basement, tears flowed from her eyes.

People noticed a kitten that suddenly appeared from the basement. First, its head appeared, and then the whole body, but when it saw people, the fluffy dived back.

Nevertheless, they managed to get it, the wool rolled into tatters, and his eyes watered. He was given milk, fed from a bottle with a nipple. But he continued to look at everyone with frightened eyes and sometimes squeak.

He was probably dropped off by a cat family. this happened every autumn, people left, and the kittens were simply thrown away. So Jane was another foundling.

She was bathed, fed and she became a new member of the cat family. The baby quickly got used to it, began to play with other kittens and went to bed with them. The cats also adopted her as their own. On the second day, the girl was already completely integrated into the family and did not stand out in any way.

Thus the Cat Family became an orphanage for abandoned kittens. The cats took their duties very seriously. They accepted other kittens and began to take care of them after a few days. The cats fed the babies, licked them and even played. For them there were no strangers, everyone was their own. Here is a shelter turned out for kittens.

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