In the most severe Epiphany frosts, the cat was put outside.

In the most severe Epiphany frosts, the cat was put outside.

The house in Neftekamsk has already seen a lot in its lifetime, but was able to retain some of the charm and comfort inherent in old buildings. Stray cats have long settled in the basement of the house, however, they often disappear and never appear again.

Such a situation for street animals is not new and not surprising, no one monitors how long they live, and therefore they do not live long. There are many reasons for the disappearance of cats: fighting with dogs, cars forgetting to slow down in the yard, children who perceive cats as toys…

Few people notice yard cats and remember that they lived in the basement and who disappeared from it. Only a compassionate old woman who feeds them, spending money from her meager pension on it, can notice the loss. It was such a grandmother who noticed that a new inhabitant appeared in the basement.

The cat was afraid of people, so he did not dare to get out of the basement, only occasionally showing his muzzle into the hole. The cat went outside only after it got dark and people left the yard. At night, the cat could only eat up the few leftovers left by his more daring brethren.

Every day the grandmother persuaded the cat to come out of the basement and eat with the others. It took two months for the animal to get used to the grandmother’s voice and come out to her. So we managed to catch the cat.

Now this cat’s name is Kanye, he is no longer afraid of people, but on the contrary, loves them, because they gave him a warm, safe house, love, affection and the opportunity to eat his fill.

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