In the cold, he lived on oilcloth. He was bedded at the bus stop and sometimes brought food.

In the cold, he lived on oilcloth. He was bedded at the bus stop and sometimes brought food.

When I was returning from the suburbs to Smolensk, there were 7 cats in my car, many of which were sick. I was in a hurry to deliver the animals to the veterinarian when another cat just jumped out under the wheels of the car. When I saw the animal, I braked sharply…

I frightened jumped out onto the road, others also looked at the picture unfolding in front of them with a frightened look. The cat clung to the curb as hard as if he had grown into it. the animal turned out to be alive and as soon as I approached it, local residents gathered nearby, who began to tell me about the misfortunes that had befallen that red cat. Jean-Paul was brought here and left not far from the bus stop.

Passing by, I noticed Jean-Paul several times, but I was convinced that he was on his own. The cat obviously used to live with people, was sociable and affectionate. He got on the road on his way to a local store, where he regularly went to ask for food. The first frosts were approaching, so it became more and more difficult for the cat to survive by the road.

Sometimes passers-by fed the cat, at the bus stop on the bench they even laid an oilcloth for him. After the cat almost got hit by my car, I decided that now I just have to take care of him. The cat was immediately settled in my car.

Already at home, I named the cat Jean-Paul, over time he visited the veterinarian and was castrated and vaccinated.

The cat turned out to be affectionate, he quickly found a common language with other animals.

Life on the street affected the health of the ginger cat, in particular, there are disorders in the liver and gallbladder. When the diseases become aggravated, he refuses to eat, the hair becomes on end. During such periods, Jean-Paul has to be isolated and treated with droppers.

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