In an old boot among the trash lay a tiny puppy and quietly cried.

In an old boot among the trash lay a tiny puppy and quietly cried.

The story took place in Serbia in the city of Kraljevo. A man walked past a small hill of rubbish and saw an old shoe in which a small puppy lay and was crying quietly. He couldn’t just walk by and forget.

George accidentally found a tiny puppy. When he walked past a hill of rubbish, he saw a toddler hiding in a shoe. It was a very sad sight, so the man could not leave the puppy, because he understood that it would not survive.

George didn’t find any adult dogs nearby. Probably, the baby lost his mother early. The puppy was very emaciated, so the man gave it sausages. He decided to take the unfortunate animal with him.

He immediately took the baby to the veterinary clinic. They said it was a girl who was later named Cook. Street life at such a small age almost killed the baby, but she really wanted to live, so she quickly began to recover.

In this she was assisted by her guardians. So, Cook grew up an active and cute dog. When she fully recovered her strength and health, they began to look for her family. The employee received a lot of applications from people who wanted to take the puppy for themselves, but their choice fell on a family from Germany.

In her new home, Cook is very happy and enjoys life to the fullest. George said that the owners of the dog often send him pictures of her, and he is very glad that he was able to help the wonderful baby.

There are good people in the world! Let there be many more such stories, because there are still so many homeless animals in the world!

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