I'm only 5 days old, and no one needs me": a baby with sad eyes was left on the street all alone.

I’m only 5 days old, and no one needs me»: a baby with sad eyes was left on the street all alone.

A small cat was found on the street. She was born just a couple of days ago, and her cat mother was already lost somewhere.

This tiny lump was seen by one kind person. He tried to find the baby’s mother, but his attempts were unsuccessful. The baby was weakening before his eyes, her condition was constantly deteriorating.

It was necessary to urgently take the baby to the shelter so that she could be helped.

At the shelter, the cat was met by a woman named Jessica Blaine. She decided to do everything possible to save the baby. The woman took her to her house along with other animals who also needed help.

Jessica started bottle feeding the babies. She named our little baby Cherry.

It turned out that this girl is a rather capricious person. She loved to eat a lot and cuddle. Hugs and delicious food are Cherry’s daily requirements. This is quite natural for a small kitten.

Of course, in the early days, Jessica had to force-feed the kitty, as she was used to mother’s milk and did not want to try anything else. Two days later, Cherry was already eating goodies with pleasure on both cheeks.

The cat became very attached to Jessica. She meows every time she hears the voice of her beloved mistress. Despite the fact that Cherry is still very small, she is already walking around the house and exploring the surrounding space.

Murka does not miss the opportunity to snuggle up to Jessica and is very offended if her beloved hostess forgets to stroke her after eating.

The baby clings to the hostess with all her might, trying to spend as much time with her as possible.

And Cherry’s tummy becomes like this when she eats well. Soon Jessica will give Cherry to good people, but she admits that she will miss this wonderful kitty insanely.

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