"I'll dirty everything here for you": a street puppy could not believe that he was allowed into the house.

«I’ll dirty everything here for you»: a street puppy could not believe that he was allowed into the house.

— Alex, have you already put everything in order or do you need help? — father and son sat down to eat after work, and dad decided to ask his son about his affairs.

Alex was going to tell his dad in colors how he turned a dilapidated house into a cozy home, but he was almost immediately interrupted by a screech from the street. Alex’s parents’ apartment was on the second floor, but the sound was very clear. The father decided to go out into the yard to find out what was the matter, the son followed him.

— We have local stray dogs ganged up on a puppy, he was recently thrown into our yard. The puppy is still a baby, so we are trying to protect him- the man said.

Alex and his father immediately saw a pack of large dogs that barked and rushed at a small and dirty puppy, he was pressed against a dumpster and cut off from all escape routes.

Dad took a stick and yelled at the dogs, who immediately ran away.

While the father watched that all the dogs left, Alex carefully examined the puppy. The baby really needed a bath, but even under the clods of dirt it was noticeable that he was very cute. In appearance, the breed was visible in the dog, but which one the guy could not understand. After giving the dog a bagel, the men returned to the apartment.

— We try to protect him, but not always people are around, and what will happen to him if they catch him alone, it’s even scary to imagine. He needs the owners, but we can’t take him to the apartment. Do you need a puppy? You live in your own house, — Alex’s father suggested.

Alex had previously thought about getting a dog, setting up a booth for her in the yard, and putting a cat in the house.

The men did as they pleased. The puppy turned out to be completely tame, he immediately recognized the owner in Alex. Problems began only when they tried to put the dog in the car. The car was clean inside and out, so the puppy was trying to get back on the ground. With difficulty, the dog was nevertheless seated on the seat, all the way he sat and did not move, as if afraid to stain the interior.

Also the puppy behaved in the new house. He was shy and seemed to be afraid of getting everything dirty, trying not to make unnecessary movements.

An hour later the puppy was clean, he sat comfortably in the chair and looked very happy. Yesterday he was escaping from stray dogs and trying to survive on the street, and now he had his own house and an owner who loved him.

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