I taught the kittens to the tray, but now they don’t go there without me.

I taught the kittens to the tray, but now they don’t go there without me.

Now I often post posts in which I talk about conditioned reflexes in animals. I began to deeply study this topic, I have a lot of personal observations, as well as facts from reliable sources. One of the interesting stories happened to me, now I want to tell you about it.

My cat gave birth to kittens. I immediately started asking all my friends and acquaintances if they were looking for a fluffy pet. Found five applicants, that was enough.

Before giving away the kittens, I decided to train them to the tray. I did it, but now they only go there with me.

My friends said that they want kittens that are already accustomed to the tray, because they do not want to do this. Immediately after birth, I did not touch the kittens. I gave them the opportunity to open their eyes and get used to the world.

I studied the necessary information and when the kittens reached the required age, I gradually began to accustom them to the tray. The method was simple. It was necessary to carry the kitten to the tray immediately after waking up, and then a few minutes after each meal. The method worked, the kittens started going to the tray.

However, soon a surprise awaited me. In the morning I woke up from a loud squeak. All the kittens in unison demanded that I take them to the toilet. They had the idea that it was the hostess’s responsibility to carry them to the tray.

Now I need to look for ways and retrain them so that the kittens go to the tray on their own.

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