I paid the vet for the operation and was about to leave, but my cat did not let me go.

I paid the vet for the operation and was about to leave, but my cat did not let me go.

I have had a cat for more than 10 years. It seems that at this age the cat still cannot be called very old, but my pet has recently been ill. I don’t know what the reason is, maybe there’s something wrong with the food, maybe he was injured somewhere, but the cat started to get sick very often, so I took him to the vet.

After a careful examination, the veterinarian delivered a sad verdict — first she need to undergo preparatory therapy, and then she’ll need an operation, which is quite complicated.

Although the doctor promised that if the operation goes well, the chances that the cat will live for another couple of years are very high, I was very worried.

After talking with the veterinarian and paying for the operation and medications, I had to leave so as not to interfere with the doctors. I decided to kiss my furry friend goodbye, but as soon as I approached him, he grabbed my sleeve with his claws and did not let go. I tried to remove his paw, but immediately noticed that tears appeared in the eyes of the cat.

Scenes immediately appeared in my memory of how the cat never left me for a minute while I was lying with the flu for two weeks. The animal did not eat when I could not eat and licked my face when I cried.

And at that moment my cat needed support, because he did not understand what was happening and did not know the people who were in the ward. I could not leave and spent more than a day next to a friend in the veterinary clinic, fortunately, the staff did not mind .

The operation went well, and my pet seemed to have found a second youth, he is again very active and playful. I noticed that he began to love me even more, if at all it is possible to love more .

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