“I never wanted to have a pet, but I thank fate that I found one”: the man says.

“I never wanted to have a pet, but I thank fate that I found one”: the man says.

Going out to the backyard of his house, the guy saw a small kitten. The animal had only been born for a couple of hours, so it had not yet had time to open its eyes and could not rise to its feet. The guy looked all around in search of the mother of the kitten, but could not find her. The found kitten turned out to be a tiny girl, the guy took it into the house.

For 10 days, the guy came home from work every three hours to feed the baby with a mixture from a bottle. Ten days later, the cat opened her eyes and it was at that moment that the guy realized that he could not give her to anyone. The cat remained to live in his house, he gave her the name Baby.

Having learned to walk confidently on her paws, the cat went to explore the house. Almost immediately, Baby found her favorite place — a carpet under a large window, through which most of the day the sun’s rays enter the house. A cat can lie at the window for hours, basking in the sun and watching life on the street. Only the appearance of its owner can interrupt the cat’s sleep, because at the same second she runs to meet him and get her share of affection.


The owner of the cat told the story of their meeting on social networks. Photos of Baby and stories about her often appear on his page. In one of the posts, the guy wrote that he never thought of getting a pet, but he is glad that fate decreed otherwise.

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