I decided to take a puppy to an already adult cat. What came of it.

I decided to take a puppy to an already adult cat. What came of it.

My cat was already ten years old, this is a respectable age for the cat family. We decided to take a little dog, although we thought for a long time about whether it was worth doing it or not. Of course, there were doubts that the cat would be able to accept a new resident.

When my cat was ten years old, I began to be overwhelmed by an acute desire to have another pet. Moreover, there was an opportunity to fulfill my dream. However, the presence of a cat stopped me. He is already an adult, so there were doubts that he would accept another family member, especially a dog.

I spent another year in doubt and reflection. On the one hand, I dreamed of a dog, and on the other hand, I did not want to infringe on my cat. However, my desire moved, and I took the puppy. I thought that they would live like a «cat and dog» in the literal sense, but my fears were not confirmed.

I could not even imagine such a relationship that my dog ​​and cat had. They became inseparable friends. The first small quarrel occurred between them only on the first day, when the dog began to sniff the cat, and he hit him with his paw. After that, I didn’t notice anything like that. They sleep together, eat together and walk together.

The cat is gradually aging, I don’t even know how the dog will survive his loss.

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