How the ginger cat Vaska saved three women from starvation in besieged Leningrad.

How the ginger cat Vaska saved three women from starvation in besieged Leningrad.

The woman’s family consisted of her daughter, granddaughter and a ginger cat named Vaska. The family lived in St. Petersburg, where the war found them. The women failed to evacuate, so they remained in the besieged city, which was bombed daily. After the experience, the granddaughter recalled that it was the cat Vaska who helped their family not die of hunger.

Every day the cat went hunting. If the cat was lucky and managed to get a mouse or a rat, he did not eat it himself, but carried it to the hostesses. Women prepared food from rodents, which, if all together, Vaska also had her own portion. Vaska also arranged ambushes for birds. When bread appeared in the house, all the crumbs were carefully collected and then poured onto the ground. Vaska was hiding nearby and as soon as the birds flew in to eat, the cat began to hunt. Vaska was fast and agile, so he almost always managed to get prey.

In winter, Vaska was not only a breadwinner, he also helped women not to freeze. The whole family slept together under one blanket, taking the cat with them. Was among Vaska’s talents and one more — he foresaw airstrikes. The sounds of the planes were still not heard, but the cat was already nervous and crying. Noticing this behavior of the cat, the women immediately took it, and all together went to the shelter. Women had to watch the cat especially closely when he appeared in public, because in the besieged city Vaska could become someone’s dinner.

The whole family managed to survive the war and the blockade, including Vaska. All the years after the house, he always got the most delicious pieces, in gratitude for the fact that for a long time the cat fed the whole family.

Vaska died in 1949, the family found a place for him in the cemetery. Later, his owner was buried next to the cat, and then her daughter.

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