How I got a gorgeous cat.

How I got a gorgeous cat.

This story happened to me three years ago. It was evening and I, listening to my favorite music on headphones, after a hard day’s work, walked towards the bus stop. Surprisingly, the bus stop was empty, so I decided to sit on the bench. Suddenly my attention was attracted by a small ginger kitten, which was no more than 3-4 months old, and which climbed onto my feet.

There was no reaction on my part. No, I love animals, just at that moment I was very tired. I was waiting for the bus, and the kitten wantd to play with me. Without waiting for a reciprocal participation from me, the cub climbed onto my lap, which greatly surprised me. Apparently the kitten didn’t have enough attention and care, so I stroked him. And when my bus pulled up, I could not leave the animal at the bus stop, so I took him with me, wondering what I would do with him next.

The baby in my arms felt great, as he began to purr loudly and flatter. I realized that he was asking me to take him with me. Besides, he was sure that I became his master! And I decided to take him to my place. Having crossed the threshold of my apartment, he immediately felt at home.

The kitten has grown up long ago, having turned into a big ginger cat, which loves to misbehave and wake me up at five in the morning. But I’m not complaining, as he became a real friend to me. And I understand that he chose me and did not lose. I am happy that our meeting with him ended this way.

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