How I became the owner of a gorgeous cat.

How I became the owner of a gorgeous cat.

Three years ago, I walked the usual way home from work. My favorite music was playing in the headphones, so I practically did not pay attention to those around me. Approaching the stop, I saw that it was empty. Taking the opportunity, I sat down on a bench and immersed myself in my thoughts, trying to get some rest after a hard day’s work. There was no one around, only a small red kitten, which I did not immediately notice. I saw the kitten already when he lay down on my feet, as if inviting me to play.

I love animals, but on this day I was so tired that I decided not to pay attention to the kitten. I continued to wait for the bus, and the kitten continued to try to play with me, despite the fact that I stubbornly ignored it. The cat was persistent and very soon climbed into my lap.

I was surprised at such courage and unceremoniousness of the animal. The kitten stomped a little with its paws, after which it lay down on my lap. It was immediately clear that the animal wanted a little affection and attention. I petted the kitten absently until my bus pulled up to the bus stop. I had to go, but the kitten did not want to understand this. I didn’t know what to do, so I got on the bus with the kitten. All the way I thought about where I should leave the baby, because I was not going to leave it for myself.

During the trip, the baby relaxed, it lay comfortably in my arms and purred loudly with pleasure. I was not allowed to take the kitten with me, but the baby clearly counted on the fact that it had already found a new home and owner in my face. I remembered the old phrase about responsibility for those whom I tamed. I realized that the animal has already made its choice, and I can only support it. I brought the cat home and it immediately got used to the new place. The kitten behaved as if it had always lived here and is the full owner of my apartment.

Now I have a big ginger cat living with me, who creates a lot of trouble and likes to wake me up long before the alarm. However, I have made a best friend. The most interesting thing in this story is that it was not me who decided to get a cat, the animal itself chose me and was able to insist on its own.

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