How a sick homeless 15-year-old one-eared cat found a new home at the end of his life.

How a sick homeless 15-year-old one-eared cat found a new home at the end of his life.

A stray cat was caught on the street of one of the American cities. He was in a terrible state, so he was immediately taken to a shelter. Life on the street left its many marks on the animal — there were signs of fights on the muzzle and body, the right ear was either damaged in a fight, or suffered from severe frostbite. The cat was not young, he was 15 years old and his former life was not easy. In spite of everything, the cat retained trust in people, moreover, he turned out to be very sociable and on the very first day he met all the employees and all the wards in the shelter.

Barnaby, such a name was chosen but for a cat, but no one knew what to do with him next. They began to look for a new home for the animal, although they understood that there were practically no chances: the cat was elderly, he needed care and treatment. Usually such cats remain in the shelter until their last day, but Barnaby turned out to be very lucky — after a few days there were those who wanted to take care of him.

Ed Sheehan and his wife Claire wanted to adopt the cat. Ed is a veterinarian, so he not only knew how to take care of the cat, but also understood that he simply had no other chance to find a home. The cat began to live in the office of his new owner. During the day he communicates with everyone who crosses the threshold of the clinic, and in the evenings he spends in Ed’s office, watching how he fills out the paperwork.

Barnaby needs care, in particular, he needs antibiotics, a special diet, which is sometimes supplemented with formula, so for now he remains in the clinic. Barnaby likes to live with Ed at work, because among other things, here he always has company. The cat quickly became a real mascot of the clinic.

Ed and Claire want to give Barnaby a decent old age, surrounding him with love and care.

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