How a dying cat Mars was saved, who also deserved to live.

How a dying cat Mars was saved, who also deserved to live.

Usually stray animals look bad. However, this unfortunate street cat looked terrible, it was impossible to look at him without tears.

It is not known how he ended up on the street. Maybe he was born there, or maybe he was thrown out by the owner, for whom he became a hindrance. In any case, the red-haired cat suffered very much, as no living creature on the planet should suffer.

He was probably hit more than once, because the cat’s eye turned into some kind of nightmare mess, and the fur was very matted and was very dirty.

Found him in this state:

We are very glad that there are still kind and caring people in the world who are ready to take care of a sick pet and help anyone who needs help.

People took him straight to the veterinary clinic, where it became clear that it would take a long time to treat the cat.

The cat’s eye was stitched, and numerous wounds and ulcers on the body were treated.

The cat was patient with all the procedures and even purred when his rescuers scratched behind the ear.

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