Homeless mutts are lucky and they found their home.

Homeless mutts are lucky and they found their home.

When Bruno and Bella found themselves on the street, they were just babies. The mother of the puppies was a thoroughbred dog, but the father was a yard dog. The owner did not need mongrels and he sent the kids to live on the street. Puppies all their childhood felt rude, malnourished and cold .

But brother and sister were inseparable and overcame all difficulties together. So the puppies turned into adult dogs, all the while helping and protecting each other. Bruno and Bella have found a permanent home — the market. One of the sellers brought boxes for brother and sister, they have been living there ever since.

Market workers and buyers fed the dogs, and at night they thanked the people with guarding the market. However, all the same, the brother and sister dreamed of a cozy house, because it is cold to live in boxes in winter. And their dream came true!

One day a man came to the market. he saw the dogs and decided to take them to him, since he needed one to guard the house, and the second — the apiary.

That’s how ordinary mongrels found their home and at the same time remained together. Six years they wandered and lived on starvation and now they have a caring owner, whom they faithfully serve.

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