His eyes were covered with pus. He went out to the sound.

His eyes were covered with pus. He went out to the sound.

Once my friend asked me to help her with the capture of a kitten that had lost its mother. Of course, I agreed. Then I didn’t know that on that day not only a kitten would come out of the basement, but also six emaciated cats that were once domesticated.

Behind them the seventh came a kitten of adolescence. It is good that he managed to get out of the basement at all, because he didn’t see anything, since his eyes were covered with pus.

I put him in a carrier with another cat.

I took him to the veterinary clinic, where they said that Jacob had rhinotracheitis, pneumonia and lichen. They washed his eyes and started treating him.

In order to get rid of the lichen, we bought a special shampoo and pills. In the picture, we are waiting until the product is Jacob absorbed.

Treatment and good nutrition have been effective. Now is completely healthy and has already been castrated. Goes to the toilet only in the tray.

He gets along well with all the other animals that live with me.

Loves to be covered with a warm blanket.

Turned into a real handsome man!

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