Heroine mom who saved her kitten from a fire.

Heroine mom who saved her kitten from a fire.

Once upon a time, a touching story happened in Canada. The cat ran into the barn, which was on fire, to save her kittens from death. Unfortunately, the cat managed to save only one kitten, and the rest died.

The cat, who risked her life for her offspring, received numerous burns and inhaled smoke. Now the animal is in the veterinary hospital. The cat is in critical condition.

The owners of the cat did not have the funds to pay for her treatment and provide care, so she was taken away by a specialized fund that helps animals. To cure the mother-heroine, a large amount of money is required.

The cat’s hands, paws and stomach were burned. Now the animal is not able to take care of its kitten, so they are looking for owners. At the moment, the kitten is with her mother, so that it would be easier for her to endure the rehabilitation period.

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