He whined plaintively, saw nothing and begged him to pick up and feed.

He whined plaintively, saw nothing and begged him to pick up and feed.

I wrote several times about a cat found in Smolensk, which is distinguished by an interesting Mongoloid muzzle. We found this cat in the basement, but it was clear that he had a house and owners before. Having got out of the basement, the cat saw almost nothing, because his eyes were filled with pus. The cat sat at the house and cried plaintively, so I could not leave him to cope with his problems on his own.

Life on the street seriously affected his health: colds and pneumonia, urolithiasis, tumors in the oral cavity. After a thorough examination, it turned out that there are diseases of the kidneys and liver. During periods of exacerbation of illness, the cat refuses to eat, he needs droppers to smooth out the attack.

Inflammation of the lungs was cured, and the growth of tumors in the mouth also stopped. Urolithiasis remained, but so far it is possible to do without urethrostomy, in order not to burden the kidneys, the cat needs special food.

In autumn, during the examination, the cat was diagnosed with a tumor. An X-ray of the hind paw showed a tumor, and tests confirmed inflammation, so the tumor was removed surgically.

The operation was carried out in January, the veterinarians did their best, and Khan began to recover, even hair appeared at the site of the operation. examination of the removed tumor showed that the neoplasm is malignant.

Analyzes in February, for obvious reasons, we could not pass. Khan needs special nutrition, without which his condition will worsen, but now it is also difficult to buy it.

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