He used the dog for breeding, and when it was no longer needed, he threw it into the trash can.

He used the dog for breeding, and when it was no longer needed, he threw it into the trash can.

In one of the cities of Ohio, passers-by heard the screech of a dog that came from a huge trash can. Employees of a shelter located in a neighboring town found out about the dog, they immediately went to the place.

Behind the huge trash can was a pit bull girl. The dog was frightened, she was shaking, her whole behavior indicated that she did not know what to do. The dog would not have been able to get into this tank on its own, so the volunteers did not doubt the fact that a person had thrown it here.

“I don’t understand why you would do that to an animal. Even if you don’t need it anymore, it’s not a thing, you can’t throw a dog in the trash. You could just call the shelter, we would have taken the pit bull, it would have been much less stress for the animal, says the shelter employee.

Volunteers took the dog to the shelter and carefully examined it. There were many fresh wounds and scars on the body of the animal, eloquently indicating that the owners did not treat her in the best way. It is possible that this dog has never known affection from a person.

The dog was given the nickname Phoenix and taken to the vet. The doctor drew attention to the too low weight of the animal, problems with the paws. The pit bull will need treatment, during which she will live in a shelter and be observed by a veterinarian. Only after the dog gets better, they will start looking for new owners.

After Phoenix became known on social networks, details about her past life appeared. The shelter staff found out that the girl lived in a nursery and was needed by the owners only to give birth to puppies for sale. Many of Phoenix’s injuries are connected precisely with the fact that she did not have time to recover between pregnancies and constantly nursed her offspring.

The breeder treated the dog solely as a tool for profit. Phoenix served selfish people as a living incubator, no one was interested in her suffering associated with the constant reproduction of offspring.

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