"He eats a lot, so do something or put him to sleep": the owner of the cat told us.

«He eats a lot, so do something or put him to sleep»: the owner of the cat told us.

Keeping the cat no longer fit into the owner’s budget, so she turned to us. But the woman did not ask to find a new family for the animal, she wanted us to help put him to sleep. Going to meet a woman, I hoped to the last that her request was a bad joke…

Outwardly, the woman did not look too constrained in her means, she created the impression of a pleasant and sociable person, but this was only until the time when the conversation touched on the cat. During our meeting, a large red cat stretched out in the hands of the owner and, it seems, did not even know that we were talking about him. The cat purred loudly and looked completely satisfied with his life. As soon as the woman started talking about the cat, not only did her tone change, it seemed to me that she changed completely.

— While he ate one packet of food, there was still nothing, but now he needs two, and sometimes as many as three! He has only expenses and wool around him. No one gives me money for food, everything is at my own expense, and the cat is not even mine. The owner is gone, and now the cat demands food from me. I no longer need it, so the issue needs to be resolved. I ask you to put him to sleep, — with these words, the woman shifted her hands to the cat and quickly left without even saying goodbye.

I could hardly believe what was happening and could not understand how the woman had so easily handed me the cat. I wanted to leave the animal where it was and leave, but at the same time, I tightly pressed it to me, trying to comprehend what had happened.

I wrapped Ron in a rag and went on with him. We took the dogs aftersterilization in a taxi, but the cat did not even look at them, continued to sing his songs, as if he had not noticed that the owner had abandoned him.

I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t picked up the phone. Would the cat be outside or even dead? I’m not sure that many veterinarians would decide to end the life of a healthy young cat. I don’t understand how you can make death to a young, beautiful and healthy cat, whose only fault is that he has a good appetite.

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