"Gentleman": pit bull gave up his booth to a homeless pregnant cat.

«Gentleman»: pit bull gave up his booth to a homeless pregnant cat.

Juan and his dog Hades live in Mexico. The owner chose the name of the dog in honor of the god of the underworld, thinking that such a name would suit a representative of such a formidable breed as a pit bull. The dog did not justify the owner’s expectations — the dog turned out to be extremely sociable and kind, without the slightest hint of aggression in character.

Near his house, Juan began to often notice a stray cat, which, although it often appeared in the yard, did not come close to the man, and when he tried to approach her, immediately ran away. Juan decided to make friends with the cat and began to feed her. Seeing that the owner was taking care of the cat, Hades decided to make friends with the guest himself.

One day Juan heard someone scratching at the door. Outside the door was Hades, who immediately began to persistently call the owner to follow him. The dog took the owner to his booth, in which a stray cat familiar to him settled down. The animal was lying on a blanket that Hades brought to her. It was noticeable that any minute the cat would become a mother. Feeling that soon her offspring will be born, the cat decided to head to the only place that she considered safe.

A couple of hours later, a couple of kids were already busy in the booth. Juan decided to move his mother and her heirs into the house, and give the cat a name. The choice fell on the nickname Nicole. Hades and Nicole quickly became best friends, so the owner realized that he could not separate them. The man decided to leave the cat with them, but for her kids to find new families as soon as they are old enough to live independently.

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