Frostbitten paws: in severe frost, the owners did not let the dog home, she whined very much.

Frostbitten paws: in severe frost, the owners did not let the dog home, she whined very much.

Animals are especially hard in winter. Homeless cats and dogs cannot always find shelter from the cold and piercing wind. This story is a vivid illustration of the fact that in cold weather animals especially need help.

The call to the animal rescue service came early in the morning. This winter day turned out to be especially frosty and the employees heard an excited female voice in the receiver: “You need to urgently come, here in the neighbors’ yard the dog freezes. Neighbors do not want to open to me to help. The dog needs to be taken off the street as soon as possible.”

Volunteers who arrived at the place, opened a horrifying picture: the dog was lying under the door of the house and was dying because of the cold. The animal only had the strength to whine quietly.

In frosts on the street, the dog was left by its owners. Judging by the scratches on the door, the animal was trying with all its might to get into a warm house. People were indifferent to her efforts and the doors never opened.

The dog was breathing with difficulty, its paws were frostbitten. The volunteer immediately began to warm the animal.

The worst became clear later — the owners of the animal all this time were on the other side of the door, in a warm house, and for many hours they heard the animal asking to come inside.

With people in the house there was also a second dog, healthy and well-groomed. The owners of the animals did not want to explain anything, they only said that they did not need the dog and volunteers could pick it up. The dog at the shelter was named Blizzard, after the blizzard she was rescued from.

Blizzard endured lengthy treatment for pneumonia, but he was able to recover. They found a new family for the dog, in which he is loved and cared for, as well as the other two dogs that are in the family.

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