From all passers-by the dog asked for help for his wounded puppy.

From all passers-by the dog asked for help for his wounded puppy.

This story took place in one of the Indian cities. Passers-by saw how the dog brought the wounded puppy and began to bark loudly and plaintively. Someone called volunteers to help.

People cautiously approached the dog and her cub. The dog was wary, but allowed the volunteers to pick up her puppy, as she understood that only they could save him from death.

Volunteers took away one puppy, as the dog had four more babies, and she had to take care of them.

Upon arrival at the clinic, the puppy was examined and the wounds were disinfected. They were so painful that the puppy was unable to move for several days.

The puppy received professional care at the clinic. The puppy responded to the kindness of the volunteers in the same way. A few days later, he was running around them, wagging his tail gratefully. Everyone loved the puppy.

After a full recovery, the puppy was taken back to his mother, who was looking forward to their meeting. it is impossible to look at the reunion of mother and child without tears.

At the end of the article, we placed a video telling about this story. Volunteers are people with a good heart who deserve universal respect.

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