Friends forever: how a skinny pig and an orphan kitten found each other in a veterinary clinic.

Friends forever: how a skinny pig and an orphan kitten found each other in a veterinary clinic.

The piglet was weak and almost did not gain weight, so the farmers decided that there was no point in messing with him. The little girl was sentenced to death, but the pig was saved by a kind man who took her to himself and decided to go out.

The farm employee for a long time tried to treat his unusual pet on his own, but when his methods did not work, he gave it into the hands of veterinarians. In the veterinary clinic, the pig got cute outfits, new friends and a name — Laura.

For a long time Laura was alone, although the clinic staff paid attention to her and played with her. Laura did not have enough communication and, to her great happiness, a kitten found on the street was brought to the clinic for rehabilitation. The kitten was left without a mother, no one fed him or cared for him. The baby was so weak that the veterinarians had to fight for her life.

Having barely recovered and gained some weight, the cat began to show interest in everything around and a sincere childish desire to play. The cat was full of energy and splashed it out on everyone who appeared in the veterinary clinic, but somehow she noticed a much more interesting companion for games.

Fateful meeting

The pig, clattering its hooves on the floor in the clinic, seemed to the cat an ideal companion for learning about the world around it. The size of the animal did not frighten the cat, she immediately came to get acquainted with such an unusual animal. Laura had no choice but to accept the friendship offered to her. Both animals quickly found a common language and became true friends.

The clinic staff claims that this unusual couple soon became the favorites of everyone around. People take care of the cat and the pig, and they respond to this with love and a sea of good mood, which they give to everyone around. Both animals are very active and energetic, they spend almost all their time in active games.

How a pig and a kitten could make friends remains incomprehensible to many, but at first glance at this couple it becomes clear that sincere love and affection reigns between them.

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