Four paws, a tail and a huge kind heart.

Four paws, a tail and a huge kind heart.

Nora wandered through the garbage heaps to eat, and accidentally discovered tiny kittens. The kids were cold and hungry. And Nadia grieved greatly, because her puppies had recently disappeared and she could not find them. She went to look for food, and when she returned, her cubs were gone. And then there are the little kittens.

Nora’s milk hadn’t burned out yet, and the kittens were just sniffing it out. The little ones snuggled up to the dog, and she thought: “Probably God sent these little ones to me.”

She was no longer alone, and at least some meaning appeared in her life. It was necessary to live for these kittens, to look for food so that they would not starve. In summer it’s good, but in winter you need to find some kind of shelter and it becomes more difficult with food. However, Nora believed that everything would be fine.

So they lived all summer on the street. The kittens grew up, they were already catching mice. They ran away from Nora to the basement, and then returned back. The cats were very beautiful, but dirty. Nora tried to wash them off, but there was no use, the dirt just stuck to them, as if they were lying somewhere on purpose. They were too white for street life.

Nora washed them for a reason, she hoped that some kind person would take them away. After all, she understood that it would be difficult to feed three children in the winter. Therefore, Nora hoped that someone would like her kids.

Nora was given a huge kind heart, she loved kittens very much, but she understood that it would be difficult for her to save them from cold and hunger.

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