Four kitties-brothers saw off passers-by with a pleading look.

Four kitties-brothers saw off passers-by with a pleading look.

These little red-haired cats were found on the street, but the mother-cat was not with them. All the kittens turned out to be boys and have grown up enough to live in people’s homes.

Four red-haired boys were found on the streets of Salem, which is located in the United States of America. Kind people decided to help the kittens and took them to a local shelter.

At the orphanage they were sent to temporary owners. They found out that all the gingers are boys and gave them nicknames that correspond to their characters — Drummer, Cupid, Shiny and Dancer .All the kittens had an amazing resemblance. Only after a while did the changes become noticeable: different shapes of muzzles, length of tail, shape of ears .

It was immediately noticeable that the brothers were very attached to each other. They did everything together — they slept, played, and ate. The cats were almost inseparable, none of them was ever alone even for a minute.

Each kitten was very affectionate and grateful for the salvation.

The toddlers quickly became attached to their temporary guardian. They loved sleeping next to her and adored when she stroked them .

When the kittens grow up, they will look for permanent owners for them. And now they are enjoying the company of their guardian and the time spent with each other.

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