Four kittens-brothers with sad eyes looked at passers-by and begged for help.

Four kittens-brothers with sad eyes looked at passers-by and begged for help.

The story with little fluffy things happened in the USA in the city of Salem. People passing by noticed four completely similar kittens. They were not small already, but needed care and affection. The kittens looked good, it was clear that they had been left here recently.

Kind people could not pass by and picked up these kids. They were immediately taken to a local animal shelter.

There they were gladly received and sent for examination. It turned out that they were all boys. They were given nicknames that at least somehow corresponded to their characters.

The kids began to grow up and the workers of the shelter began to notice that some features of their appearance are different, each has some kind of peculiarity. One had interestingly shaped ears, while the other had a longer muzzle than the others.

Kittens from the first day were very friendly and behaved like real brothers. They never parted for a second and did everything together. And if someone began to feel sad, then the rest immediately began to play with him and entertain him.

All the boys were kind and affectionate, never quarreled among themselves. And they quickly found a common language with all the employees of the shelter and were not afraid of them.

They liked it when the guardian took them in her arms and stroked them. Perhaps they purred so furiously only at her hands. It is understandable, because animals feel kind and caring people.

At the moment the boys are in an orphanage, but soon they will be looking for a permanent place of residence.

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