For eating chicken, the unfortunate dog Amalie was kicked out of the new house.

For eating chicken, the unfortunate dog Amalie was kicked out of the new house.

One day Anya came to Amalie with good news:

— Amalie, a home has been found for you. And not an apartment, but the private sector, you will now have your own booth. True, they will only take you if we sterilize you.

Soon Anya took the dog to the veterinarian, where everything was done for her. Everything was hard for the girl, because it was still too early, but she courageously endured everything, because then she would have a family. And now Amalie is standing in front of the gate to the house in the village — she has arrived at a new house.

If only Anya knew then how it would all end.

After some time, the new owners wrote to Anya, putting before the condition: either she takes the dog back, or her head will hang on the wall. Because the dog ate the chicken. Anya had a panic and she turned to me for help.

Of course, Anya went to pick up the dog. It was evident that Amalie was very frightened, exhausted, and in her eyes one could see only sadness and loneliness. Probably got it all the same for the chicken. The dog only calmed down in Anya’s arms.

Some may say: “You feel sorry for the dog, but who will feel sorry for the chicken?”. Of course, I feel sorry for the chicken, but still there is a place for the biological laws of nature. When you get a dog, you should foresee such a development of the scenario and not put the animal next to the chickens, and don’t provoke it.

We still don’t know how she was fed there and whether she was fed at all, perhaps the dog was starving, which provoked this trouble. People also pity the chickens only until the moment it is convenient for them, and then they themselves do the same to them as Amalie , but for some reason no one reproaches them for this.

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