For 6 years, the cat was looking for his home and was able to return to the owners.

For 6 years, the cat was looking for his home and was able to return to the owners.

In Murmansk there is a monument to the cat Simon, who has been looking for his way home for 6 years. Nevertheless, the pet managed to find its owners.

This story began in 1985, when the Soviet Union still existed and there were no smartphones. Nikolai found a small kitten in his entrance, which turned out to be a Siamese. Despite the fact that the family already had a dog, they decided to keep the baby. They named him Simon.

A dog named Tom gladly accepted the new inhabitant of the apartment and became his loyal friend. In 1987 Nikolai and his family decided to go to Crimea, where his relatives lived. But a misfortune happened: a few days before leaving, Tom accompanied the owner to work to a stop, and on his way home he was hit by a car.

The whole family grieved, and Simon sat for several days at the door, expecting that his friend would return now. But they had to go and the couple with their daughter went to the Crimean peninsula. When they were returning home after vacation, they accidentally stopped in Moscow and got lost in the city. And when they drove into another yard, they realized that no one was meowing anymore. Simon wasn’t in the car, apparently, he jumped out the window and ran away.

The family was very upset, but there was nothing to be done but to continue the journey. After all, they understood that it would be impossible to find a pet in a foreign big city. When they returned home, they told their relatives and neighbors about their misfortune, everyone reacted with sympathy, but life went on as usual .

In 1994, when it was winter outside, the doorbell rang in the family’s apartment. When they opened it, they saw an incomprehensible battered animal in the arms of a neighbor. At the same moment it jumped down and confidently headed into the open door and exactly to the place where the bowls of Tom and Simon had once stood. Then the couple realized that it was their cat, which after 6 years was able to find his home, having overcome 2000 kilometers .

This story quickly became known to all of Murmansk, the correspondents of the local newspaper learned about it, and then «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Also, the family with their cat took part in the TV show «In the world of animals», and in the late nineties a short film was shot about the devoted pet, which was called «Love Story». Also in Murmansk, a monument was erected in honor of Simon and his devotion.

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