Fed the cat with the best food, but he still stole everything he could.

Fed the cat with the best food, but he still stole everything he could.

Some may think that we are not feeding the cat well. But I want to assure you that we are feeding him not only well, but excellent. We buy him elite food and based on his reaction to them, we see that he likes them. However, they are probably not enough for him.

He still regularly steals food and, most interestingly, whatever. The sausage sandwich is left lying on the table unattended immediately disappears. A piece of fish — don’t get distracted! Even ordinary boiled potatoes disappear instantly. Everything that the cat manages to steal, he takes to the far corner of the kitchen, where his bowl is, and there he eats. But once his greed struck me to the depths of my soul.

I decided to cook some soup. Previously, I began to prepare the frying, fried it and turned off the fire. The phone distracted me a little, and when I returned to the kitchen, I saw the following picture.

The cat sits on the table in front of the stove and eats carrots with onions, and mushrooms. And he sits there chewing, but it is clear that it is unpleasant for him, since the roast was still hot. But habit is second nature. But still, how can a cat eat fried vegetables, and even hot ones? I will probably never cease to be amazed at him.

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