Early in the morning, a man looked under his car and found a cat frozen in the ice.

Early in the morning, a man looked under his car and found a cat frozen in the ice.

In Zlatoust, where Sergey lives, the winters are very severe. Sergei and his girlfriend returned home late, having parked the car in the yard, they went up to the apartment. The next morning, before starting the car, Sergei habitually tapped on the hood and looked under the car itself. cats often hid in the car, fleeing the Chelyabinsk winters, so the morning ritual of a man in cold weather always included such a check. This morning, such simple manipulations proved to be vital for one animal.

Looking under the car, Sergey saw a cat there. At the sight of a man, the animal wanted to run away, but could not, because it froze to the ground. In the evening, the cat climbed under the car, warming itself from the still warm engine. The heat of the car made the ice melt a little, but the frosts froze him again, trapping the cat in ice captivity. The paws and tail of the animal were frozen into the ice, leaving him no chance to move.

Sergey very carefully drove the car aside, trying not to catch the animal. And then proceeded to rescue the cat. The man could not manage to free the captive from the ice, so he called his girlfriend Elena for help. Elena left the apartment and brought a bucket of warm water. Pouring warm water near the cat, young people drowned the ice crust. The method turned out to be effective, although not fast, the cat sat quietly and quietly all this time. Maybe the animal was afraid to cry, or maybe it understood that people wanted to help it.

In the end, the ice melted, the cat was free. The couple took her to the apartment and immediately called the vet. The doctor did not find any serious illnesses in the cat, he said that the dense coat saved her from hypothermia. The cat was given a prophylactic injection, the doctor suggested that she was about 8 months old.

In the evening, the cat moved away from what had happened and began to study the house of her rescuers. Sergey and Elena wrote about the cat on social networks and very quickly a host was found for her. Now the baby’s name is Zlatoust, she lives in the house and is infinitely loved by her new «mother».

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