During the flight, the trucker lost his beloved cat. Thought it was forever.

During the flight, the trucker lost his beloved cat. Thought it was forever.

Truckers often take their pets with them on a flight. Dogs, cats, parrots — you will not see anyone in the cab of the car.

A driver from the USA, Matthew, always took a cat named Pepel with him on the road. Once having met, Matthew and Ashes were always together, both at home and on the road. Once a man almost lost his furry partner.

It was a hot summer outside, and during the parking lot, Matthew opened the door of the truck. Some sound scared the cat and he jumped out of the cab into the street. Matthew searched for the animal for a long time, tried to call him, but all was in vain. The work schedule did not allow the man to stay in the parking lot any longer, so he left, taking with him a load of guilt for not saving his friend. For several months in a row, Matthew regularly came to this parking lot and looked for Ashes. Every time the man hoped that the cat would be waiting for him in the parking lot or somewhere nearby, but these hopes were not destined to come true.

How Ashes spent all summer and most of the fall remains a mystery, but in November he unexpectedly appeared near the same parking lot. The cat was found by local women, after which they took him to a shelter. The staff helped the animal, and then decided to check it for the presence of a chip and the owners. Luckily, Ashes had the chip, so the volunteers found out about Matthew and contacted him.

Soon a meeting of best friends took place. Months later, the driver and his faithful partner were back together. Seeing Ashes after a long separation, Matthew cried, and the cat rubbed his master’s nose with a joyful purr.

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