During a bachelor party, the guys saw a homeless emaciated dog.

During a bachelor party, the guys saw a homeless emaciated dog.

These guys gathered in the woods for a bachelor party. Their plans were the most trivial, masculine — meat on fire, enjoyment of nature, and so on. But everything changed dramatically, as soon as they met a starving poor fellow, who smelled the aromas and approached the company from the forest.

Upon closer examination, it turned out that this was not a dog, but a mother who had nothing to eat and feed her puppies. Of course, the guys immediately fed her and made attempts to find the kids to help them.

The guys even managed to give their new girlfriend a name and made a decision — the dog should be taken away. The kids were found pretty soon — by squeak. They dug into a hole nearby.

The company consisted of eight people, and there were only 7 puppies plus their heroic mother. The guys just adopted one dog each, and thus no one was left without a shelter!

All the poor fellows were immediately washed, fed to the full and made an appointment with the veterinarian. By the way, the bachelor party did not take place in the end, but the money that was saved for it went to food and all sorts of necessary things for the foundling dogs.

The guys did not separate the family for good — they often walk the whole flock together, arranging regular dates for the puppies and their mother in the park.

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