Dog’s highest degree of trust in humans.

Dog’s highest degree of trust in humans.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the actions of animals. However, they seem touching and sweet to us. That is exactly what happened to a woman named Stephanie. She adopted a pregnant pit bull named Grace from a dog shelter. The dog was expecting a lot of puppies, but this did not frighten the woman.

Stephanie did everything to make Grace feel comfortable in her new home. She surrounded the dog with constant care. So they quickly became friends. Before giving birth, the woman prepared a cozy place for the pet. And Grace was very grateful to her mistress for all the good that she did for her.

As soon as the dog gave birth to all eleven puppies, she began to carry them on Stephanie’s lap. The woman’s husband filmed this touching moment and posted it online.

Users decided that this is how the dog shows complete trust in its owner. others suggested that Grace wants to go outside, and that the safest place, while she is gone, is Stephanie’s arms. In any case, everything looked very touching.

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