Doggie lived half-starving on a chain for 5 years and responded only to obscene words.

Doggie lived half-starving on a chain for 5 years and responded only to obscene words.

According to the neighbors, this puppy was brought into the house while still very young, and at the same time, he was immediately put on a chain, hoping to make a good guard out of him. The puppy was very tiny, he missed his mother and therefore constantly whined. He still could not understand that now he had to fight for every piece of bread and a minute of attention. The meter chain pressed on the baby, but it was possible to get rid of it only by escaping. The puppy succeeded several times, but every time he escaped he was in fear, knowing that when he returned to meet with a cry, and not only with him…

In a rotten booth, open to all winds, and chained to a heavy chain, the dog lived for 5 years. He regularly guarded the house, but for this he received only leftovers, often already rotten and infested with flies.

When such a life completely deprived him of strength, he managed to free himself from the collar and fled. People who saw him on the streets were convinced that the dog was homeless, because not a single owner would allow his animal to be so thin, and his hair was covered with tangles.

Life on the street was difficult, but here the dog could run enough, beg people for food, and if you were lucky, find a bone in the garbage. It was hard only to hide from other stray dogs, who immediately strove to take away his prey.

In winter, the dog once again escaped, but this time he decided not to return. The house of its owners was a terrible prison, and they themselves were nothing more than cruel overseers.

The dog spent a week on the streets of the city, he had to sleep in the snow, so his tangles almost immediately became covered with icicles.

When the girl noticed the dog, he looked terrible. The girl took pity on the dog, she began to feed it. After a while, the dog began to trust the girl, he always gave her a paw as a token of gratitude.

In the yard where the dog now lived, not everyone appreciated the kindness of the girl. The dog was driven away, teased, offended. The girl was worried that sooner or later Grand would suffer from such treatment, so she asked me for help.

I took the dog right away. After washing and combing, it turned out that the Grand is a cross between a retriever. While he lives in a zoo hotel, the conditions in which are much better than on the street and even in his former house. Here he is not forced to work off his food, they are allowed to walk, they take care of him.

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