Dog Van acts like he's apologizing for being alive.

Dog Van acts like he’s apologizing for being alive.

The story of Van’s trip to Poland began with a call from Marin. The woman asked Jenny if there would be a place for a dog in her shelter, since it is now difficult to find a safe place for an animal in Ukraine.

She agreed to adopt the dog, but at the same time insisted that she be given the animal that most needed medical attention and care. Such an animal turned out to be a dog named Van. They shot at the dog, she was injured, but this was not enough for the man, he also beat the wounded animal. It is impossible to imagine how one can call a person who did this to a dog human.

With all his behavior, Van seems to be apologizing for not dying. The dog has no desire to live, he tries to stay as far away from people as possible and avoid contact with them.

Mrs. Barbara, who takes care of the dog, admits that this is the most psychologically traumatized dog she has ever met in her practice.

— Van is not scared, he has no fear, he is just so depressed and disappointed that he simply cannot look in the direction of people. Before sending the dog to us, Marin said that he did not hear anything. She was mistaken — he hears, simply because of his psychological state he does not want or cannot respond to a person’s voice.

According to Jenny, ill-treatment was a real tragedy for Van, and his tormentor had not a drop of pity for the animal.

The dog seems to feel guilty for surviving. At first I was afraid that the dog would run away, but one of his paws was damaged, so he simply could not jump over the fence, says Barbara.

While the dog receives the necessary veterinary care and care, in the future, Barbara hopes that she will be able to win his trust and gradually restore the dog’s faith in people.

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