Dog tearfully asked people to save her puppies.

Dog tearfully asked people to save her puppies.

Homeless dog became a mother. For the appearance of its offspring, the animal chose an old abandoned house, believing that both she and the kids would be safe here. The dog did not know that the building was hardly supported and could fall at any moment.

That’s exactly what happened — the house collapsed, the mother managed to run out, but her kids remained under the rubble. The mongrel understood that she herself could not do anything, so she ran to call people for help. The dog ran into a busy street and started whining, asking people for help.

Several people noticed the behavior of the animal and then she took them to her kids. The dog felt that her puppies were alive and did everything possible to help them.

People dismantled littered, mother-dog all this time was next to them and helped to throw the earth back with her paws. From under the rubble managed to get two tiny puppies that have not even had time to open their eyes. The kids were alive.

People helped not only the babies, but also their mother, feeding her and finding a safe place for her.

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