Does the cat understand what the person is telling him?

Does the cat understand what the person is telling him?

This one came home from work today and tells me:

— Can you imagine?, Basil, our neighbor has completely lost his mind. Today I saw him at the entrance, and he is talking to his dog! It’s definitely not all right with the head!

Do cats understand what people are telling them?

Disputes arise between people about this: some say that we understand everything, while others think the other way around. It’s time to reveal our feline secret.

A cat that has lived with a person for several years begins to understand him, memorize frequently repeated words, facial expressions and intonation. Now I can easily understand when I can approach my owner and ask for food, and when it is better not to touch him so as not to get a magic pendel.

Basically, the cat remembers the words and phrases that a person most often utters, referring to her. For example, when I hear: “Stop yelling! Go eat it! ”, I immediately realize that there is already food in my bowl. And when this one says: “Here, you bastard! Close your mouth and let me sleep well! ”, which means that it is necessary to sing a cat’s lullaby. I have already learned everything in a few years.

The more people talk to me, the more it is deposited in my head. Cat understands its owner better than other people, because after several years of living together, it has already studied his gestures, facial expressions, intonation, and more.

But I cannot say that I understand everything! For example, yesterday the second one whined: « Max, I asked you not to touch the sausage.» I don’t know what sausage is, so I don’t understand anything. But I will say that cats are very fond of pretending that they do not understand anything.

But whether people understand us is already a question. All night yesterday I yelled at them to put me food, so no one even moved.

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