Disinfection took place in the entrance: only one cat out of all could survive.

Disinfection took place in the entrance: only one cat out of all could survive.

In the basement of the house where the cats lived, they decided to carry out disinfection. It was at this moment that we were able to save the cat Filya, who lives in this basement. The cat was barely alive, but with the help of the veterinarian and thanks to the care in a few days, he felt much better. After the condition improved, the cat needed to be examined, but the visit to the doctor had to be postponed for a week, because we simply did not have money to pay for the tests.

The cat Filya escaped from the basement, where the disinfection was carried out, only by a miracle, unfortunately, other animals were not lucky…

The examination showed that the cat has kidney failure in the third stage. This is a chronic disease, there are only 5 stages, each of which has its own risks and complications, including an increased load on the heart and blood vessels.

Chronic renal failure with adequate treatment is just a diagnosis, without treatment it is a death sentence. For us, unfortunately, this is precisely the verdict, because there is simply no money for treatment.

We had to put an end to our animal rescue work as debts snowballed. Payment for Fili’s treatment did not go into our plans, but we cannot leave him to the mercy of fate. The cat is not young, but he is far from old age, at this stage he still has a chance to overcome the disease, but for this you need to start treatment just today, without postponing the implementation of the recommendations of doctors for the future.

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