Dirty, scared and hungry cat cried and lived outside in severe frosts.

Dirty, scared and hungry cat cried and lived outside in severe frosts.

In the most severe frosts in winter, a cat suddenly appeared in one of the courtyards of Samara. She was dirty, scared and very hungry. She had nowhere to go, she was shivering from the cold and asked passers-by for food, but caring people were rare. One person decided to post about a cat on social media. This is how the volunteer Victor found out about the poor thing.

The girl found a kitty in this state. However, after the first examination, it became known that the kitty was not a kitty at all, but a cat. They named him Stefan and showed him to the doctors.

It turned out that the cat was still quite young — he was not even a year old. It was evident that he used to live in the house. During the time spent on the street, the pet injured its paw, its

coat became faded and less dense, and it lost a lot of weight. But all this was not scary.

The veterinarian and Victor took up the restoration of the cat. The girl was surprised at how affectionate and kind Stefan was. He endured even the most unpleasant procedures calmly and could purr.

In a few months spent with the volunteer at home, Stefan turned into a real handsome man! Just look at him! He changed a lot and became a house cat. They began to look for a house for him.

Soon the cat was noticed by Anna, who decided to come for him from another city! Stefan became the second pet in her house, where a cat already lived, which the woman picked up from the street.

The cat has taken root well in the new house. The family adores him, as does Stefan them.

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