Collie went after every person and begged for love.

Collie went after every person and begged for love.

Many are already so accustomed to street animals that they don’t even pay attention to them. However, everyone is surprised if they see a thoroughbred animal on the street, and not a mongrel, because a decent amount was paid for such a pet.

One day people saw a collie dog on the sidewalk. She ran after every person she met, a plea for salvation was read in the dog’s eyes. Collie had a well-groomed and pleasant appearance. She was quite plump.

When the dog was bathed and combed, she completely became a real cutie. The dog was named Versailles. She turned out to be a very sociable and friendly dog. Nevertheless, the dog was with character, she didn’t let herself be offended.

Unfortunately, the dog was not lucky in any way, there were no people willing to give her a house. People were not eager to take such a large dog.

After a while, Versailles was nevertheless taken by the family. These people gave the dog a cozy home and a happy life.

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