Cat Masha with an abscess lived in a landfill.

Cat Masha with an abscess lived in a landfill.

A week ago, the cat Masha, who lives in the garbage, but is cared for by people, fell ill. No one knows what happened, because there were no people around at that moment.

All the guardians came just to feed Masha, but no one wanted to pick her up and take pity on her. For a week the animal barely survived in the garbage, people just brought food to Masha and went about their business.

No one thought about the fact that the cat could hardly move and breathe, and therefore could not eat much. There was food in all the bowls, but Masha never touched it.

I can’t understand why no one took her away on the same day it became clear that she was ill. Masha was completely crippled and it was immediately clear that she needed help, but no one began to help her, moreover, no one even began to look for people who would agree to help her.

We arrived at the room that we are renting for cats, I went to take out the garbage and saw this horrific picture near the tanks: the cat was lying between the tanks and breathing with difficulty, she was crying silently. I immediately started calling the veterinarians and an hour later he received us. The cat was diagnosed with an abscess of the nasopharynx and skull, multiple injuries.

Every day, the wounds of the animal must be treated and washed, she was prescribed antibiotics and force-feeding. The chances of recovery are minimal, but we are determined to take advantage of every one of them.

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