«Can I take him home» — the husband asked his wife by sending this photo.

«Can I take him home» — the husband asked his wife by sending this photo.

It often happens that one of the spouses has to persuade his soul mate to do something, giving different reasons and arguments in his favor, and sometimes cunningly. After all, opinions do not always coincide.

So one man saw something unusual under his car, and a minute later his wife read a message from him, where there was only one question. And then she admitted that she could not answer anything else.

This baby’s mother was nowhere to be seen, so there was no point in looking for her on the road with numerous cars. The kitten looked cute, but the man needed to ask his wife’s opinion.

He wrote to her: «Can I take him home?» and she, looking at the unfortunate baby, realized that she could not refuse.

When the baby was fed and washed, it immediately became sleepy and contented.

A visit to the veterinarian helped to find out that the kitten is not more than five weeks old. The fluffy is lucky that it didn’t receive any serious injuries. Therefore, the owners only need to buy a tray, food and toys.

The cat was named Lucy. She quickly found a common language with other pets — a cat and a dog. Lucy is very affectionate and friendly.

Every time before you get behind the wheel, look under your car and check the wheels, maybe someone is hiding there and needs help.

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