Bought a cat to talk to him, and he surpassed even me.

Bought a cat to talk to him, and he surpassed even me.

Victoria is very fond of chatting, so she decided to have a pet, which in the end did not behave the way its new owner wanted.

I don’t know why I love to talk so much, but people like me are called «talkers». In any company, I always talk more than others. And even inanimate objects are not saved from my chatter, since I can even talk to dishes or furniture.

Somehow a great idea suddenly came to me — to have a pet so that I could talk to it. Yes, the pet will not answer me, but at least I will know that it hears me.

That’s what I did — I bought a kitten, which became very attached to me. When I was at home, I always talked to him, and he sat next to me, silently looking at me and sometimes only turned his head.

However, he gradually grew and I was an example for him. At some point I lost control over him, and at first he began to interrupt me, and later to talk more than me!

Now he follows me everywhere, and as soon as I begin to speak, he immediately interrupts me and begins to meow non-stop. I raised him wrong when it was time for it. Now I don’t know how to retrain him.

Sometimes I think that you just need to listen to him and then he will stop, but so far it does not work: for him the beginning of my monologue is like a red rag for a bull.

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