Born in a hollow and constantly lives on a tree": the story of the "tree" cat Boris.

Born in a hollow and constantly lives on a tree»: the story of the «tree» cat Boris.

Bartoszyce is a small Polish town, of which there are many in the country, but the cat named Boris living here has made the city a point of attraction for tourists from all over the country. Boris is a rather ordinary cat at first glance, but he chose an unusual place to live — a hollow tree.

Locals are happy to tell the story of Boris, which began 7 years ago. It’s time for a stray cat to give birth, and she has found no better shelter than a hollow in an old oak tree. Becoming older, the kittens left the hollow, the mother cat also disappeared, but one kitten appreciated all the delights of life on a tree, so she did not want to leave.

At first, people thought that the kitten simply didn’t know how to get down to the ground or was afraid to do it, but later it became clear that he just really likes the tree house and doesn’t want to leave it.

The locals decided to help the strange cat, so a feeder appeared on the tree, in which there is always food. The cat attracted the attention of the townspeople, who decided to give him a nickname, the choice fell on the name Boris. Boris grew, became bigger, but still refused to leave his tree.

The story of a cat living on a tree hit the social networks, and then on television. Boris has become a local celebrity, and now people from all over the country come to see him. Boris has been living in a hollow for 8 years and does not plan to go down, it’s only a pity that not a single lady of the heart wanted to go up to him, so all these years the cat has remained a bachelor.

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