Began to teach the cat to give a paw. Taught on my own.

Began to teach the cat to give a paw. Taught on my own.

I know that cats are not particularly prone to training, only large, similar to cheetahs, and accustoming pets to the tray is already considered an achievement. But I decided to try anyway. there was little information on the Internet about cat training, and besides, it is quite diverse, so it is not clear which one really works.

I decided to try teaching the old way — through food. she does what I want from her and gets some yummy for it. Started classes, the cat did everything with great reluctance, not really understanding what I wanted from her.

After a couple of dozen unsuccessful trials, it began to turn out a little bit. As a result, I managed to hone the command to automatism, I tell her: “Paw!”, She does everything as required. So I often carried dry food with me so that I could check on her at any time. However, my cat turned out to be smarter than me.

By the way, by the time of training, my pet had a small kitten, which she taught the technique. Now, when I sit at the table and eat something, the cat comes with her baby, jumps on a chair nearby and holds out her paw. Her cub repeats the same thing, only sitting on the floor. I have to give them a piece.

And the wife is now joking: “It turns out that they trained you: they give you a paw, and you give them food for it.” And I myself sit thinking, maybe this is not a joke at all ?! After all, cats are cunning creatures.

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