Because of the "strange" paws, the owners abandoned the cat, saying that the "spoiled" one is not needed.

Because of the «strange» paws, the owners abandoned the cat, saying that the «spoiled» one is not needed.

A family from the USA got a kitten, who was named Skywalker. The kitten was small, fluffy, completely white. As the baby grew older, a defect in the front paws began to appear — the thumb was strongly protruding, and the rest were too large for his body. The defect did not affect the cat’s health and activity in the least, but the owners of the animal considered that it was spoiled and put the cat outside. Skywalker was left alone, but soon he was lucky, he was found and taken to the veterinarian.

The veterinarians examined the baby and came to the conclusion that his pathology is not dangerous to health and does not cause concern to the kitten, so the operation is not worth doing. It was not possible to find new owners for the kitten, and it was not possible to leave him in the clinic. One of the doctors decided to take the baby.

Several pets already lived in the woman’s house, therefore, at first it was difficult for the kitten to get comfortable in a new place. Fear passed only when the rest of the inhabitants of the house showed the kitten their friendliness. The dog Mohitor decided to take Skywalker under his wing and made his getting used to the new place as comfortable as possible.

Mohitor replaced the kitten with a mother, she played with him, washed the kitten and let him go to bed next to him so that the baby was warmer.

Skywalker grew up and made friends with other pets of his mistress, but Mohitor, as before, is his favorite, with whom he spends almost all his time.

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