"Baby, I'll save you, take you to a warm place" - the old dog found a puppy freezing in the snow.

«Baby, I’ll save you, take you to a warm place» — the old dog found a puppy freezing in the snow.

An old dog named Ben found a puppy that was lying in the snow. He decided to save him and take him to a warm place. The kid almost did not move, and then Ben took him by the scruff of the neck with his teeth and carried him into the warmth.

Ben’s owner was a good person and had to help the puppy who was cold. The dog dragged the baby into the house and laid it on his bedspread. The puppy trembled and trembled, still could not get warm.

The owner heated milk for the baby, he took a few sips and turned away, because he no longer had the strength to even drink. Gradually, the trembling began to pass, and the puppy was able to fall asleep. But the sleep was restless, he whined and trembled all the time.

The baby slept for many hours. When he woke up, the man examined him. He didn’t like the way the animal’s legs looked. He wrapped the puppy in a blanket and took him to the vet. The doctor examined and prescribed treatment.

A week passed and the puppy finally became active, he had an appetite, he began to walk around the house and even bark at Ben. And the dog was simply touched by this cub.

The puppy was named Snowball. He turned out to be an affectionate and playful dog. And very curious, nothing could do without it. Therefore, Ben had to drag him from everywhere so that nothing bad would happen to him.

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