An ordinary hard worker has been feeding the animals in the district for free for 22 years.

An ordinary hard worker has been feeding the animals in the district for free for 22 years.

This is true human heroism. For twenty-two years, every day, without any days off or absences for any reason, this man brings food to the homeless kittens that live in the block. The caring seventy-six-year-old man’s name is Willy Ortiz.

Willy collects scrap metal, that’s his job. But he has enough presence of mind to provide food for homeless cats. According to conservative estimates, as many as seven dozen street pets remain fed every day!

Willy lives in Connecticut with his family, he believes that his concern for tailed animals is a just cause. Willy does not spare money and his resources, the main thing for him is to save the lives of cats.

It all started back in 1995, and Ortiz even remembers that day. Then a little kitten caught his eye, which was definitely hungry, but no one paid attention to his pleas. When another passer-by simply pushed the poor fellow with his foot to go further, Willy realized that he simply could not leave the baby like that. Since then, he has been helping animals in need every day.

Friends of the scrap metal collector confirm that the man really takes care of cats every day, without arranging holidays or breaks for himself. There are about seventy individuals on its balance sheet now. And everyone gets food.

Of course, any good deed does not remain without third-party criticism. There were also those who consider Willy a spender. Like, why homeless cats need so much care and daily food.

But Ortiz intelligently asks, how often does a person eat? at least three times a day, why shouldn’t animals eat regularly?

The man is extremely determined — as long as he is alive and capable of action, the cats will be full. The iron opinion of a good man!

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